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Getting Long in the Beak? Time for a Trim!

duke1 300x300 Getting Long in the Beak? Time for a Trim!It may sound scary but trimming a birds beak may be necessary (whether to help them to eat or to avoid them from hurting each other). Just like your fingernails a birds beak grows continuously throughout its life. Because of this, the beak must be constantly ground down in order for it to function properly.

Normally the beak is ground down to the proper length and shape naturally by the bird through chewing, eating, foraging, and even by rubbing their beaks on rough surfaces! However not all pet birds are able to keep their beaks in shape even when provided with items such as natural wood perches and cuttlebones. Now and then a bird’s beak may become overgrown or oddly shaped, and when this happens, a beak trim is necessary to fix it.

First: You should never attempt to trim your own bird’s beak! To do so is to risk injury to both yourself and your pet! If you notice that your bird’s beak looks too long, uneven, or otherwise abnormal, the first thing that you should do is contact an avian vet!

Second: Your vet will need to visit with you and your bird to determine the cause for the beak abnormality, and to correct it.

How to Trim Your Birds Beak

When your bird gets his beak trimmed, a special file is used to gently whisk away the excess layers of your bird’s beak. Filing the beak in this manner most closely mimics the natural erosion of the beak, allowing for a more natural look to the finished beak and minimizing the risk of injury to the bird. This is quick and easy to do and your chicken will be much happier for it!

Please note that beak trimming can be stressful for a bird! Help your feathery friend by taking him or her directly home and place it in a quiet, familiar spot right after the trimming is done. It is ok to reassure your pet a bit but do not overdo it! Best leave the bird alone since most birds will prefer to be left alone for a while after enduring a trip to the vet. Provide fresh water and plenty of tasty foods, and do not allow visitors or other family members to disturb him until the next day.


It is easy!

  • Give your bird natural bird-safe wood perches to chew on.
  • Provide your pet with plenty of fresh whole foods such as un-shelled nuts such as Brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, and almonds. These all have tough shells and tasty centers that will encourage birds to use their beaks to break into them. Just make sure not to give him or her too many since they are fatty.
  • Put a cuttlebone in his or her cage. This is not only a fun toy for chewing but it helps give a healthy boost to a bird’s calcium intake.


Sometimes your bird will need to have their beak trimmed no matter what you do. So bring them into the vet and get that beak trimmed! …did we mention, Vetco trims bird beaks now!

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