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Recycle Pet Hair and Other Strange Things

dreamstime 7907044 300x200 Recycle Pet Hair and Other Strange ThingsIn celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to share with you some things that only pet owners can recycle.

Pet Hair!

You think I am kidding but I am no! You can recycle your pet hair. An organization called Matter of Trust is accepting donations of pet hair to help clean up oil spills.

You can also give your dog hair to the birds. If you have a bird house set up, try adding some dog hair. You tweety friends will appreciate the addition to their nest.

Recycle (part) of your old dog collar

Inevitably your dog collar will wear out. You don’t have to run out and buy a new one. You can actually take the pieces off your old collar and use them to make a new one. Here is a great tutorial.

Old Yoga Mat

Your old yoga mat makes a great mat for your food and water bowl, or underneath your litter box. Just cut your mat to the size you need.

For old dogs, they can make great mats to sleep on when the floor is a little to hard for her old bones.

Fish Water

In New Mexico, water is a valuable commodity.  We all hate having to throw any of it out, unused and wasted. If you have fish, you are likely cleaning their tank at least once a week. Take that old water and use it to water your house and garden plants.  The fish debris will act at a fertilizer. Your plants will love you for it!

Suitcase Bed

Do you have an old suitcase? Instead of throwing it out, toss a pillow into it and you have a custom bed for your dog or cat. Lets face it, they were going to sit in it anyway. Great tutorial to show you how.

Old Jeans

Take your old jeans and turn them into knotted dog toys. You dog will love the challenge of chewing on them. Plus they already smell like home! Learn how to make them.

Tennis Balls into Snack Puzzles

Old tennis balls make great containers for dog treats. Just cut an “X” in the tennis ball, squeeze and load with dog treats! Your dog can play with the ball, which will rattle with the sound of the treats and then occasionally he might manage to get one out. YUM!

Sweater Sleeve into Dog Sweater

Turn your old sweater into a sweater for your dog. It is pretty easy. Simply cut off the sleeve, cut some holes for their front legs and you are done! No sewing needed. Click here for an easy tutorial.

Newspaper and blankets

We all know that you can recycle newspaper. But did you know you can recycle blankets too? Local shelter and vet clinics often need donations of blankets and newspapers. We are always looking for these items and use them with pets recovering from surgery. You can bring your old blankets or newspapers to our clinic in Los Lunas or Albuquerque.

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