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10 Totally Easy Tips to Give Your Cat Exercise Now!

When cats were wild, their shape was sleek and agile. How does your cat compare? If you see your cat as (theoretically) unable to escape a predator because she doesn’t have the speed or agility to escape, you need to do something about it.

Almost 50 million cats in the U.S. suffer from obesity, which can lead to heart trouble, blood pressure problems as well as diabetes.

Aside from changing her feeding habits, you need to ensure that your cat gets lots of exercise. While your cat may lie around the house most of the time, quick spurts of energy need muscles that are toned and honed and ready to contract and release fast and strongly.

This can be achieved if you have routine playtime built into your schedule. Give your cat 30 minutes of your time every day. You know what your cat likes best when it comes to toys. Even if you don’t have any new toys, there are plenty of household items that will fascinate your cat.

Here are 10 easy tips for giving your cat exercise.

Cat Obessity

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