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4 Fun Things to Do With Your Pet

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No matter what kind of pet you have, it’s safe to say you love them with all your heart. Pets can bring us an endless amount of joy and happiness. Whether it be comforting us when we’re sad, playing with us or just being cool to have (looking at your, turtles) pets can bring us some incredible moments.

For many of us, owning a pet is just more than having a domestic animal to feed, take care of and make sure they are healthy. Just like any relationship, you want to do fun, unique things with them to make everything special.

Below are some fun and crazy ideas of what you can do with your pet on your next special day!

Throw Them a Birthday Party

It goes without saying that pets can make people much happier and healthier, so why not celebrate their special day just like you would do with a friend?

While you may not know their exact birthday, you can always make it the day you adopted or bought your pet. They probably won’t care about the exact day, but will be super happy they get to do something with you.

There are lots of different treats for your pets you can give them on their birthday. For dogs, look online for special dog treats that you can bake or prepare at home. The same goes for cats as well. If you have a different kind of animal, like an iguana, you can always make some sort of cake with crickets or their favorite kind of bug.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself to be a baker, go crazy on the decoration. Your pet isn’t going to judge you for style, but they’ll just be happy with the taste.

It wouldn’t be a birthday without a gift, so now’s the ideal time to bring out a new ball or cat toy. Take a few pictures as well to commemorate the occasion.

Your friends might think you to be a little crazy, but you know just want to make your pet feel special, nothing wrong with that!

Exercise Together

It’s pretty common to see people out running with their dogs, but did you know there are other ways of exercise you can do with your furry friend?

Dog and cat yoga are two new ways of exercising with your pets that are sweeping the country. Dog yoga is often shortened to “doga” while cat yoga, sadly, did not get the same treatment.

It’s a fun way to bond with your pet and do something a bit off the beaten path. Your pet may need some time to get acclimated to this calmer, more tranquil environment. If you’ve got a puppy, you might want to take them out back and toss the ol’ pigskin around instead of channeling your inner “namaste”.

Make Them Famous

Finding someone without a Facebook, Instagram or blog is almost impossible these days. During your time on social media, you might have seen accounts for animals pop up here and there.

Take a look at your pet and see how cute they are. Shouldn’t everyone have the same privilege you have in getting to see your pet every day?

When you’re making their account or website, be sure and pick a creative name, maybe based on their personality or something funny they do. After that, keep uploading pictures or stories to your website or account.

Take a Trip

It’s likely you’ve seen dog bakeries and dog grooming places around town, but did you know there are also pet hotels?

That’s right, you can stay in a nice hotel that not only has all the works for you, but for your pet as well. In the morning, feel free to order room service for yourself and something for your furbaby. It’ll be something different for both you and your pet and will make a fun memory.

If a hotel isn’t your style, think about taking them to a different environment. If you live in the city, see if you can get to an open field or big park and let them run around. They will certainly welcome the setting change and will even get to ride in the car!