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Playtime tips for fat cats

albuquerque cat holiday gift guideAlmost 50 million cats in the U.S. suffer from obesity, which can lead to heart trouble, blood pressure problems as well as diabetes. Is your cat fat or pleasantly plump?

There are many things you can do to help your cat get their sleek physic back.

Aside from changing her feeding habits, you need to ensure that your cat gets lots of exercise. While your cat may lie around the house most of the time, quick spurts of energy need muscles that are toned and honed and ready to contract and release fast and strongly.

Tips to help keep your cat fit and trim:

  1. A Second Cat! This is probably not what you were wanting to hear, but cats that are at home by themselves are less likely to play. If they have a buddy then they will play with them and the two cats will exercise themselves.
  2. Cat toys are more than just fun! Cat toys are fun for your cat to play with but they also get your cat engaging in physical exercise. Toys encourage exercise play time. Plus playing engages their brain which not only keeps their body fit but keeps them happier and mentally younger.
  3. Parkour! Cats love to climb. Giving your cat a place where he can climb and jump is a great way to encourage him to exercise. Try a cat tree where he can climb up the tree, instead of your furniture, and hang out at the top and get in touch with his predator wild cat roots.
  4. Catnip. Some cats get really mellow on catnip, some get aggressive, and some get playful. The only way to know how your cat will react is to give them some and see. If your cat gets playful, then catnip could be a nice treat that gets them moving around.
  5. Playtime. The best way to help your cat get exercise if for you to play with him. Play time is not just for dogs. If you play with your cat he will be emotionally healthy and physically healthy.

If you are wanting some help with your cat’s diet for weight management, get in touch with your Vetco Albuquerque vet and we can help you with a good diet plan.