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4th of July Safey

It’s the 4th of July weekend! Filled with BBQ’s and parks, hikes and time spent outdoors. This is a great weekend to have a lot of fun with the whole family. But keeping your family safe and secure is an important part of the holiday. Make sure you keep these pet safety tips in mind and everyone will have a great 4th of July weekend in Albuquerque!

  1. Keep your pets inside. All the loud noise and ruckus can be very disruptive. Keeping them inside will help keep them from jumping the fence or trying to get out of the yard to get away from the noise or to find you.
  2. Give your pets a safe room with blankets, food and water, that is away from everything. This way if the noise bother’s them, they can retreat.
  3. Spend soothing time with them. If your pet exhibits anxiety try spending some quiet time with them to quell their anxiety. You can also give them resue remedy which is good for anxiety, or try putting something lavendar scented in their room, as lavendar is soothing.
  4. Do not give them scraps. Feeding them your famous grilled sausage might seem yummy at the time, but it can cause a lot of stomach upset.
  5. Keep your pets away from bug spray, sun block spray, lighter fluid, and any other chemical you may be using to protect yourself from bugs, sun or to start fires. If your pet eats it, it could make them very ill and you should call your vet immediately.
  6. Do not let them drink alcohol. There is not approved drinking age for pets. Alcohol can have bad effects on your dogs health, up to and including death. If your pet drinks alcohol, call your vet immediately.
  7. Do not cover them with glow sticks. The content of glowing jewelry is toxic. If they chew on it, it can cause serious¬†gastrointestinal issues. Leave the glow sticks for the kids…but don’t let them eat them either.
  8. Never use fireworks around your pets. Exposure can damage their eyes, ears, and are very toxic.
  9. Microchip– If you do bring your pet with you to a park or bbq for independence day, make sure to have them microchipped. In case they do get away from you and get lost, if they are microchipped it will be much easier to return them home.

Have a safe and happy holiday from Vetco!