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5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy


When cats are kept indoors they live for a lot longer, so I can understand why you don’t want to let your angel outdoors. That doesn’t mean to say they have the same quality of life as a cat who is allowed to roam free. Do you think a cat is going to have more fun looking out of the window at birds flying around, or will they have more fun chasing them? How can you make your cat extremely happy if you choose to keep them in the house 100% of the time?

Happiness is the most important thing in the world and if your cat enjoys their life you will feel a lot better. They will also be a much better pet and they won’t cause as much trouble. What are you doing at the moment to bring some excitement into their life? You might be doing some wonderful things already, but let’s look at some other things you can do. Try each one of these and see if your cat enjoys any of them.

Teach them to do tricks

If you want to keep your cat amused you can teach them to do tricks. Can they shake your hand? Not only will you amuse yourself and your cat, but it will mean you get to spend quality time playing with them. If you’re out all day and they are all alone they might get a little bored. By teaching them tricks you are dedicating 100% of your time to them.

Give them prey toys

If your cat can’t get outside it won’t be able to hunt unless you hide the food. It won’t be able to chase anything and isn’t that what cats enjoy? Just because it’s not allowed to go outside doesn’t mean you can’t try and satisfy its natural instinct to run after things. Just make sure you buy some prey toys and it will be content chasing them around the living room.

Do they need a friend?

Have you ever thought about buying another cat? When you only have one they can get really lonely and that won’t happen if they have a friend to play with. Having two cats isn’t much different to having one, so it’s not like it will be too much work for you. Don’t run out and get a new one straight away, but it’s always something to think about.

Climb and perch

Cats need to climb up things and perch on the top of them. Instead of letting them jump all over your furniture you can try to build them a unit. If you’re not good with wood you can ask someone to help you out. The reason I say you should build your own cat stand is because you can make it as big as you want and it will work out a lot cheaper than getting one from the store.

A little freedom

If you let your cat outside there is a good chance it will get into trouble. Some cats don’t come back and some come back with scratches. If you build a run in the garden it means your cat can still go outside but they won’t be able to escape. They will be safe from predators, but they still get to bask outside in the sun when the weather is hot.

What will they like the most?

You know your cat better than anyone else. Do you think they will love any of these suggestions? What one do you think they will like the most? Try them out and you might find yourself with a much happier cat.

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Jim Downer is a retired veterinarian. In his free time he blogs about pet related topics. He recently wrote an article about how to prepare nutritious cat food at home.