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5 Pets that Will Teach Your Kids Important Life Lessons

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Kids and pets get along famously. They make wonderful companions and help keep each other’s boredom away. Growing up with a pet can be a wonderful experience, especially if you’re an only child. Who among us don’t remember our childhood pets? The times we shared with them is something we cherish to this day. They may pass on and we may grow up, but the memories still remain. These memories are refreshed when we see our children with their pets. It’s a bond many parents wish their child to experience. However, it’s also important they learn the value of that bond. Here are a few examples of pets and how your child can take care of them.




If your child has never had a pet before, a goldfish is a perfect starter. It’s a small creature that is relatively easy to take care of. A goldfish can be a litmus test of your child’s capability as a care giver. If he’s responsible with the goldfish, you may think about getting him another pet in the future. Feeding the goldfish and keeping the fishbowl clean are two chores your kid must do regularly. He should make it a point to feed the goldfish before himself and clean the fishbowl at least twice a week.



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Cats are independent creatures that pretty much take care of themselves. They have their own litter box and they keep themselves clean to a great extent. However, you still need to feed them and keep them entertained. Playing with your cat is important or he may start losing his mind. Wouldn’t you if you were in his place? A simple piece of string is enough to keep the cat on his hind legs. You don’t really have to force your child to play with the cat, children do so instinctively.




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Dogs are the most common type of pets. They are friendly, loyal and require a lot of upkeep. A dog has many needs that must be fulfilled or he’ll become unhappy. Regular walks are a must for dogs and they need to be on a schedule. You can take your kid along to get him used to the routine then he can pick up the mantle himself. Exercise is equally important to keep your dog fresh and active. After the walk is over take your dog to a park and play fetch. It requires no effort on your part so your kids should be happy to do it.


Albuquerque vetco parrotA parrot is a very intelligent friend for your child to have. They live as long as humans, so your child will never have to say goodbye to them. Keeping the parrot’s cage clean is something your children should get used to if they want their friend to remain healthy. Parrots are very social and neglecting them can cause them to act out. Teaching the parrot to speak is something your child will be interested in and it’ll help keep the bird’s mental balance. Begin with small words and keep the sessions short.




albuquerque vetco horse Not many families have a pet horse. It’s probably because they are expensive and require a lot of upkeep. As the size of the animal increases, so do the responsibilities. Your child can’t carry these responsibilities on his own, but he can assist you with them. You can hold the horse’s hoof while your kid cleans it. Grooming the horse is something your child can do on his own. It isn’t exactly rocket science. Talking to the horse while grooming can really help build a bond between man and beast. Who better to conduct a dialogue with an animal than a child?



Taking care of a pet can instill responsibility in your child at a very early age. It will also teach him qualities that will prepare him for parenthood in the future. For a child who doesn’t have any siblings, a pet can be like a younger brother or sister. Taking care of the pet will occupy most his time. The death of a pet can even serve as a life lesson for your child. It will help him understand the fragility of life and make him care deeper for his fellow human beings. He might just grow up to be a great humanitarian due to this experience.

Deena O’Daniel is an animal lover who is a part of the team at Saddleworld, a company offering customised saddle fitting and alteration services in Australia. Her hobbies include reading and fishing. Log on to for more information on her work.