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Does the idea of trimming your cat’s claws make you want to hide? Many people find trimming their cat’s nails to be a horrible experience where both you and your cat are traumatized. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you know how trimming their claws can be uneventful for both of you. Here are some tricks to help you trim those claws with as little difficulty as possible.

To trim their nail:

  • When you squeeze a cat’s paw from the pad, their nails pop out. All you have to do is squeeze the pad of their paw to reveal the nails for trimming. You can get your cat used to you doing this by squeezing their paws randomly when you pet them.
  • Then clip the nail using rounded clippers (you can buy these at a pet supply store). You don’t want to use human clippers as they will crack the nail and that can be painful, as well as cause the nail to catch on to things later on.
  • Clip the nail back to just before the quick – you don’t want to cut the quick because that will hurt and cause the claw to bleed. YOu can find the quick by looking through your cat’s nails and you can see a pink line going through the center of their nail. If you aren’t sure where it is, just clip the tip off so that their nail isn’t too sharp. The next time you come into Albuquerque Vetco you can ask us to show you how to find the quick If you do cut the quick you can use products like Quickstop to quickly stop the bleeding. If you don’t have Quickstop you can use flour or starch.


Tips for easy trimming:

  1. Keep your trimmers close by so you can trim her nails when the opportunity presents itself.
  2. Trim your cat’s claws when they are sleepy. They will be more relaxed and more compliant. This means they will be less likely to jerk their feet away.
  3. Take your time. If you can only get a couple of claws done, that is fine. Come back and do more later.
  4. Be positive. If you are not stressed out, your cat is less likely to be stressed out.
  5. Keep petting her and giving her positive reinforcement. If the experience is good for her, it is less likely to be a problem in the future.
  6. If your cat just wont go along with you, you can wrap them up like a burrito and only have one paw out at a time.
  7. End on a positive note. Make sure to give them loving reassurance, and even a treat if they like them!

Animals retain the memory of previous experiences. If you take your time and keep the experience more positive they will be more likely to have a positive experience next time. If you end on a bad note, then it will likely be harder the next time. If your cat gives you a really hard time, try only doing one claw at a time. That way they don’t have time to get too upset. This will set it up to be easier in the future.

If your claw trimming ends up being difficult, don’t fret. Just try again next time. As you get more comfortable with it, so will he.

If you are unsure of how to trim their claws, ask your vet to show you. They would be glad to help!