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9 Home Cures for Hairballs

9 Home Cures for Hairballs

downloadJust like us, our cats need some special attention given to their hair too.  Hairballs are one of cat owners biggest complaint. Well, hairballs and shedding.  Thankfully treating for one will help the other!  Here are some great, at home treatments for hairballs that will also help reduce shedding and improve your cats overall health.

1. Conditioner: Take a tiny dab (about pea size) of conditioner and pet your cat with it. Your cats hair will absorb the conditioner leaving it more moisturized. The grooming will improve their coat health and will help remove any shedding. Just make sure you get some all natural and non-toxic conditioner. You may bathe with a sponge but your cat bathes with his tongue.

2. Brushing: Brush your cat weekly, especially if they are a long hair.  Just the simple act of regular grooming will significantly reduce the amount of hair your cat ingests.

3. Sardines: Your cat will love you! About once a month, give your cat a canned sardine. The oil in the sardine will act as a natural laxative, and the fish is generally good for their health.

4. Tuna Packed in Oil: If you get tuna packed in oil, don’t throw the oil away! Instead, pour it over your cats food. The oil will be a nice laxative, and the flavor will make dinner much more exciting.

5. Safflower Oil: To lubricate your cats digestive tract, oil is one of the best treatments. From sardines to tuna, it is a good option. If you are a vegetarian, don’t like sardines and get your tuna packed in water, you can also add a teaspoon of Safflower oil to your cats food once a week. They will love the flavor, and their belly will love the effects. If you have an obese cat, you will not want to do this. Safflower oil is definitely not on the diet.

6. Baby Wipes and Dryer Sheets: If your cat has some excess hairs that you can’t seem to groom away, or they are covered in static, try running a baby wipe or a dryer sheet over their coat. This will get rid of the static and grab some of those pesky flyaway hairs.

7. Fiber: It works for you and it works for them. If your cat is prone to hairballs, add some extra fiber to their diet. A tablespoon of canned pumpkin is a yummy addition to their food and will add some extra fiber. You can also add a half teaspoon of Metamucil to their food once or twice a day.

8. Petroleum Jelly: It sounds gross, but your cat doesn’t mind. Put a dab of petroleum jelly on your cats paw. When they lick it off, the jelly will help lube up their entire system. Many over the counter remedies are  flavored petroleum jelly.

9. Cat Grass: What is a better source of fiber than grass. Grass is good for your cat, acts as a natural stomach soother, and can help move hairballs through the system by adding fiber to their diet.


If you are concerned about your cats hairballs, read our post about the danger signs to watch for with hairballs. If you are still concerned, then make sure to call us for an appointment.