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A Wedding with Pets

Image by Spiritze from Pixabay

We are coming into June and that is typically the biggest wedding month of the year. Are you getting ready to tie the knot? Many people these days want to include their dog or cat in the wedding ceremony. A 2020 survey by Wedding Wire said that 38% of couples included their pets in the wedding. Unlike on television shows this does not have to be a disaster with the dog crashing the cake table. You can pull this off very successfully with some proper planning. Here are some ways you can include a pet in your wedding.

If you are thinking of including your pet in your ceremony, here are some safe ways to do it.

Ring Bearer

Does your pet walk well on a leash? Are they okay with new environments and are social? Maybe this is the job for them. A great way to do this is to have a pouch that attached to the collar. When they arrive at front you can remove the rings from the pouch. This is a super cute and fun way to include your pet.

If your pet is not good with large groups, or on a leash, then you may want to reconsider. A gathering of a lot of people can be anxiety provoking and you don’t want to stress your dog out. If they get really stressed they can have gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, shaking, go off their food. Always keep their well being in mind.


Flower Girl

Everyone loves a cute and adorable flower girl who is also a dog. Some key point for them to take on this job are that they are well socialized, they can walk on a leash comfortably and do not mind being dressed up. You can purchase some great frilly tutus and other outfits for a pet that is going to participate in the wedding this way.

When dressing up your dog make sure that the clothing is safe and not a choking hazard. Do not tie anything around their neck. Do not use fabric that will make them sick if they chew on it. It is best to purchase clothing that is specifically meant for dogs to wear. If you do put flowers on your dog, make sure that they are non-toxic flowers.


Bridal Party

Does your pet have a calm temperament and can sit or stay well? Maybe they are in a carrier with no problems. Including them in the bridal party might be the answer. You can practice leading up to the wedding teaching them to sit or stay up front. They may not stay there the entire time but that is okay. You can have someone assigned to come up and get them if they start to get antsy after a while. Let the person know how to look for signs of anxiety in your dog so if they start to see them, they can come and get the dog. It is a good idea to make sure the dog has a safe place to go to that is away from everyone if necessary.


There are some other ways to include a pet that may not appreciate playing an active roll in your wedding. You could print cardboard cut outs of them and have them at the wedding with little signs that mention your pets love for the couple. Maybe you have some special made cookies with pet photos on it. You could have a pet design on your cocktail napkins. Whatever you choose your pet can be included in your special day!


If you do bring your dog to the wedding, make sure that your vaccines are up to date and that they are micro chipped. You don’t want your dog to get out during the wedding and not be able to be re-homed. A microchip will help ensure that your lost dog will be more easily returned to you.