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Guinea Pig Vetco

Adopt a Guinea Pig Month

Guinea Pig VetcoAdopt a Guinea Pig Month

March is Adopt a Guinea Pig month. If you have ever thought about getting a pet Guinea Pig, or Cavy, this is a great time to do it! Much like cats and dogs, the best way to get your new pet is to adopt them. Guinea Pigs are rescued too. Usually they are rescued by way of a pet owner turning them in because they no longer want them as pets. Many shelters will have Guinea Pigs in their facilities.

With proper preparation Guinea Pigs are easy to take care of, and make great pets.

Here is a great pdf from the ASPCA about how to care for your Guinea Pig. guinea-pig-pdf-thumb


  • Grass pellets
  • Fresh Hay
  • Fresh fruit and Vegetables


  • Large cage or enclosure
  • They like to live in groups with other Guinea Pigs
  • Bedding
  • Sleeping Cave

Guinea Pigs are fun and social creatures. They love to play with other animals and they love to play with people. They make fun grunting and squealing sounds when they are excited and they rarely bite. They make excellent pets for families. With proper care, your Guinea Pig can be a great part of your family.

Like all pets, Guinea Pigs need veterinary care. Bring them into Vetco for their annual checkup. If you think your Guinea Pig is sick because they are:

  • Losing hair
  • No appetite
  • Dehydrated
  • Diarrhea

Bring them in for an evaluation immediately.