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Anxiety Tips for Pets

Cat_TrainingFearfulCatAnxiety Tips for Pets

Big events, like the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, are a lot of fun for everyone. But for your pets, they can be more anxiety provoking than fun. You pet can experience anxiety from the balloon fiesta, too many people being around, loud noises, big events, separation or just generalized anxiety. Make sure to follow these tips to help reduce your pets anxiety and increase their fun!

1.Hiding Places

Lots of noise and lots of people are a perfect storm for high anxiety. The Balloon Fiesta can get surprisingly noise when the hot air balloons fly low. Their burners can get animals very excited. Make sure to give you pet a place they can escape to if the excitement gets too scary.

One of the biggest concerns about a pet getting scared is that they will try to run from what every is scaring them. This might mean they run out of your yard.

2. Tags and Microchips

If your pet runs out of your yard, you want to make sure they are easy to bring back home. Make sure that their tags and microchips are up to date. If you haven’t gotten a microchip, bring your pet into our daily walk-in shot clinic and get them microchipped.

3. People

It is not uncommon for us to have friends over, or out of town guests, during the fiesta. Being around a lot of people can be fun for our pets, but can also be disruptive and cause anxiety. Make sure to provide your dog with a quiet place to retreat, somewhere they can get away from all the people. This will not only keep them calmer and happier but will reduce the likelihood of them biting, scratching or snapping at someone.

4. Pet Toys

A great way to help deal with pet anxiety is to give them something else to focus on, other than what is provoking their anxiety. Toys are often the best solution. Give your pet something to play with or chew on. Not only will it distract them, but it gives them something else to focus their nervous energy on.

5. Natural Remedies

There are some great natural remedies out there to help your pet calm down. Rescue remedy is one of the most popular and can be great to treat generalized anxiety. Essential oils, like Lavender, is great for calming. You can put a couple of drops on their collar, bed, or any area they spend a lot of time. The scent of Lavender is calming for animals and people.