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Are You Breaking Albuquerque Law With Your Pet?

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You may be breaking the law in Albuquerque with your pet if you do not have a pet license. KOAT reported that the City of Albuquerque is actively making pet owners pay a fine for having unlicensed pets. Some pet owners have even had warrants for their arrest issued due to non-payments on their pet license. Can you imagine? A warrant for not having a pet license. We definitely believe that all pets need to be vaccinated and microchipped, but a warrant for not having a pet license is a bit extreme.

Thankfully, the animal welfare director is trying to get rid of the pet license law.

The pet license law requires all pet owners to pay an annual $6 fee, per pet, to get a license and prove that they have their vaccinations and are microchipped. According to KOAT, the city is losing $20,000 annually because they are paying a Texas based company to keep track of the licenses. It begs the first question, why is this not being taken care of by a New Mexico company. If they are going to spend the money, at least have it support our own economy. Secondly, is losing $20k a year really worth keeping track of pet licenses? 80% of pet owners do not get a pet license.

If the law gets removed, you will still be required to microchip and vaccinate your pets. The Director of Animal Welfare is wanting to launch a program that will bring vaccinations and microchipping into people’s neighborhoods so it is even easier to get this done.

Microchipping, vaccinations, and spay/neuter are vital to your pets health and the health of the animal community, and it is good that the city may start doing more to make it easier for people to get these services.

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