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why dogs bark

Barking Dog- Reporting to the City Pt. 1

why dogs barkAlmost everyone loves dogs, but not everyone loves dogs if they are barking all night long and keeping you awake. As a citizen there are some things you can do.

  1. Talk to your neighbor. See if they will address the issue before you call the City of Albuquerque and report them.
  2. If they won’t do anything then you can call 311 or fill out an online form.  The owner of the dog will be given 7 days to resolve the barking, from the time they received a letter from the city. Keep in mind it can take the city a few days to send a letter. So if you fill out this form, you should likely give it two weeks…which I know is a long time with a barking dog keeping you awake.
  3. If the barking continues after the 7 days, you can call 311 or fill out the online form again. The city will send an animal control officer to investigate. If the officer hears the dog barking, he may issue a citation or criminal complaint. If he doesn’t witness anything you will have to get involved to help resolve the issue.
  4. The officer or city will likely recommend that you and your neighbor go through mediation through the city’s Alternative Dispute Resolution office.
  5. If there is enough evidence for a criminal trial, you may be called as a witness.
  6. If the officer does not find evidence, you may have to file a civil suit against your neighbor.

We recommend trying to talk to your neighbor. I know it can be uncomfortable but it can be worth it to find resolution.

Keep in mind, the noise ordinance does not come into effect until 10 pm.

Whatever you do, do not take it into your own hands. Understand that a neighbor might feel defensive about their dog if you talk to them, but let them know that you want to work this out. If you keep it friendly, most likely they will too. No one wants their dog to be a bother to other people, but people do feel protective of their pets, so try to be respectful.

Read part two on Thursday to find out what you can do, as a dog owner, about your barking dog.