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stress benefits of pets

Beat Stress with your Pet

stress benefits of petsDid you know that your pet could be the best way to reduce your stress and theirs! Harvard School of Public Health conducted a survey and found that 87% of men and women who spent time with their pets felt less stress. ┬áLet’s look at how they reduce your stress.

    • Lower stress hormones

      Petting your pet not only calms them down but decreased cortisol, the stress hormone. It also can increase your oxytocin, which also has anti-stress effects.

    • Lower Blood Pressure

      Pets help you relax. Relaxing lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

    • Get outside your head

      Playing with your pet allows you to think about something other than your problems. Because good pet ownership includes playing with your pets and exercising them, that also means that you are playing and getting exercise. This is good for your physical health but also your mental health.

    • It’s Therapeutic

      It has been shown that because of the stress reducing benefits of pets they are also good for managing anxiety. Some people even get their animal certified as a therapy dog.