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Cancer And Your Pet: The Advice You Need

Dog Cat CancerAny pet owner will understand the bond that is created between an owner and their pet. Over the years, pet owners begin to heavily rely on their pets. Whether it is a small cat appearing for a cuddle at the end of a tough day, or you happy bouncing dog demanding a walk in the fresh air and sun – these bonds are pretty much irreplaceable.

However, at some point, a majority of pet owners have to come to terms that their pet is not always going to be around. Before you know it, old age will creep up on your animal and they will no longer be that bouncing active animal that you once knew.

One of the most devastating diseases you can see attack your pet is cancer, this is because it is so life threatening. When you have been faced with such an overwhelming revelation – one of the first questions you may find yourself asking is ‘what if we don’t do anything to fight cancer?’

Unlike humans, there is no possible way to explain to your pet the disease he has and how or if he is going to overcome it. The process your animal will have to go through to remove cancer or even just to fight it can be rather grueling – so is it fair to put your pet through this?

Fighting Cancer

If your pet is young and seems healthy enough – there is no reason why you should not look at fighting cancer he has. Your vet should explain the tumor type and how progressed is it – from this, you will get a clearer idea of how easier it is going to be to fight cancer.

In some cases, your pet may need to undergo an operation to remove the tumor completely – this will prevent it from spreading further. Chemotherapy protocols can also be used – this will then shrink the tumor and reduce the chances of it spreading further.

Love and Care

If it is not possible to fight cancer, then you should offer your pet love and care until the end. Some animals can live for years with cancer whereas others may struggle to fulfill a few months. It is advised that you should offer love and care to your pet until they begin to struggle in life.

If your pet begins to look in pain, or can no longer continue day to day activities (eating, going the toilet, walking), then you should look at options to put your pet out of his pain.


You should not think that you are completely alone through this traumatic time as your vet will be able to offer you advice on how to care for your pet while fighting such a horrible disease.

Painkillers, steroids, and therapy can be offered to reduce the pain your pet is in. You should have regular appointments with your vet to track the progress and health of your pet to ensure that he continues to be happy and healthy whilst fighting the disease and trauma he is going through.

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