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Cat Grooming Products you may find Helpful.

What do you really need when it comes to grooming your cat? Your kitty can have a tough time with their long fur. Keeping it from getting matted is important. We look at a few things that can help you to keep your cat looking great.

Cat shampoo

If you are going to bathe your cat, then cat shampoo is a must. Not human shampoo and not dog shampoo. You need one that is formulated for cats. Cat’s groom themselves all the time. They have sensitive skin. You do not want them to ingest things that are not good for them. Therefore, it is critically important to use cat shampoo. Please do not use flea shampoo on your cat without consulting with an Albuquerque vet first. Cats are sensitive to the toxins and never use a flea shampoo made for a dog! If your cat is known to have skin problems, it is important to talk to us before applying any shampoo to your cat. Often cats do not need baths. Typically they will only need baths is if they are very overweight and cannot bathe themselves properly or they cannot bathe themselves properly due to health issues. If you find that your cat is having any issue giving themselves a bath or that their coat becomes oily or dirty and stays that way, then you should take them into a vet immediately as this can be a sign of a serious health issue.

Nail clippers

The idea of trimming your cat’s nails can give some owners nightmares. Your kitty needs to have their nails trimmed on a regular basis. Your cat can be trained to tolerate having their nails trimmed. One method you can use is to wrap them like a burrito and then pull one paw out at a time and trim the nails. You do not have to do them all at once. Maybe you do one at a time or do the front paws and later do the back ones. Trimming their nails will keep them from getting ripped and bleeding from getting them caught on things like your furniture or carpet. You can know where to stop by looking for the pink in the nail. If you do trim too far you can always have some styptic powder on have to stop the bleeding. It is better to trim conservatively. If it is not a painful experience for your cat they will be a lot more likely to tolerate it.

Brushes and combs

Short hair cats will need a soft bristle brush. Long-haired kitties need pin bushes or de-shedding combs. If your cat is matted there are matt removing combs available to purchase. Brushing your cat is also a great way to spend quality time with your cat. It feels good to them and the bonus is that it helps keep fur off the furniture and your clothes by reducing the amount of their shedding.

Grooming posts

You can get a grooming post for your cat. This has many soft rubber bristles on it for the cat to rub on. We all know that cats love to rub up against things so why not get some grooming in while they are at it. Another variation of this is a grooming arch.