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albuquerque cat nail biting

Nail biting! Its for Cats too!

albuquerque cat nail bitingNail biting is not just for people! Cats do it too.

I had a great cat that loved to bite her nails. I would find little nail husks on the floor or sofa, as remnants of her activity. She would just sit there nail biting and look at me like I was the crazy one as I stared in amazement. It was the strangest thing. But it actually wasn’t. Nail biting is perfectly normal cat behaviour.

When cats chew on their nails its removes the loose outer sheath on their nail. Some cats accomplish this through the use of scratching posts or running around outside in dirt and gravel. But if your cat is an indoor cat, she might not be loosing those sheaths naturally, so the nail-biting gets integrated into her groom ritual.

Sometimes nail biting can be an action of self-soothing due to stress. Much like in people cats may bite their nails when they feel stressed. Hair pulling, over grooming, wool sucking are other kinds of groom “self-soothing” behaviors that cats often demonstrate along with nail biting.

Occasionally nail biting can be a sign of a fungal or bacterial infection, which should be looked at by your local Albuquerque veterinarian. If you notice discoloration, or what seems to be an abnormal amount of nail bitingĀ or discomfort with the nail biting, give your vet a call and schedule a checkup.

Most of the time nail biting is not a big deal. As long as your cat is not causing herself any damage, you likely don’t need to worry about it. If it is a sign of stress, you may want to identify the source of the stress and see what you can do to help quell her anxiety. Here are some tips for dealing with pet anxiety.