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Newspapers and Sleeping Cats

albuquerque veterinary clinic, cats sleep on newspaperEver wonder why your cat loves to sleep on your newspaper?

Cats love to sleep on newspapers. It always seems to be when you are reading it too. It is both cute and annoying…but mostly cute…and sometimes annoying. There are a few reasons they do this and some things you can do to give them alternatives.

First, cats are incredibly curious by nature. They want to know what you are doing and why. Newspapers are taking your attention. Plus when they step on them they crunch. Sounds like fun! Did you know they are also warm?

There is a good reason why newspaper was once used as house insulation, it is really warm! So after the fun crunchy part of your newspaper, your cat will quickly realize that the newspaper is making them warm. It absorbs heat from your can, and your lap, and spreads it through the newspaper. So your paper gets transformed into a mini heating pad.

If you are truly bothered by this behavior, we recommend providing your cat with an alternative. Maybe get them a little heating pad to sit on and they will likely never leave that spot again!

It is also good to know that newspaper is a good source of heat, as well as being sterile. If your cat is traveling, newspaper is a great option for lining the crate because it helps them stay clean, its easy to clean out and it keeps them warm.