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Cats And Bunnies And Spiders – Venomous Bites In New Mexico

venomous spiders new mexico

Black Widow Spider

Cats And Bunnies And Spiders – Venomous Bites In New Mexico

Spiders often live, hunt, and hide in places frequented by smaller pets like cats and rabbits. Though all animals must take necessary steps to survive, spider bites can seriously harm small pets.

The venom of two spiders in New Mexico can cause serious illness. The black widow spider and the brown spider are the most common types of poisonous spiders in our state.

Black widow spiders are shiny and black with large, rounded abdomens. Females are larger than males, ranging from one to two inches in diameter, and have red markings on their abdomens. These markings are generally described as looking like an hourglass, though this is not always the case. If you even suspect a spider has a red marking on its abdomen, it’s best to stay away.

Black window spiders spin very messy, thick webs, generally in dark confined areas. This types or areas are also perfect places for your pet cat to hunt. Make sure to keep an eye out in these sorts of areas, as a black widow bite is very painful and may result in death.


Brown Recluse

There are three types of brown spiders in New Mexico – the Blanda spider, the desert brown spider, and the Apache brown spider. These spiders are all similar looking, spanning about an inch in length and are light to dark brown in color.  As close relatives to the infamous brown recluse spider, these types of brown spiders may or may not have the “violin” marking present on their bodies. As is the case with the Black Widow, if you suspect the spider has markings on its abdomen, it’s best to stay away.

All three types of New Mexico brown spiders live outdoors under logs, rocks, in burrows, etc. As such, your pet bunny’s outdoor hutch may be very inviting to a brown spider. Brown spider venom can be deadly, both to small children and to pets.

If you think that you or your pet has been bitten by a spider, call the New Mexico Poison Center right away for treatment advice – (800) 222-1222. Antivenin medication administered by a trained professional is often the only way to handle a pet spider bite. Vetco has medications on hand for these occasions and we have experience solving these difficult challenges in time constrained situations.