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Caring for cats

Cats Be Basic….or Just Basic Cat Needs

Caring for catsHave you ever wondered “What does my cat really need”? Many people do. It is not like a cat tells us what they want or need. They can be very aloof and hard to read. It really is hard to say if your cat is happy or not at times. They are not likely to give us the same visual cues that a dog does. For most cat owners, this is part of the appeal. We love all the cartoons about cats who give no cares. But when it comes to offering care, their cartoonish aloofness can be challenging.

Let us look at the basics your cat needs.

Food– Your can needs food. Not just any food they need a high-quality source of protein in their diet. Cats after all are carnivores. Too many grains and carbohydrates can lead to a chunky kitty. Just like in humans this is not ideal.

Water– Your can needs continuous access to fresh water. It should be changed daily. Cats do not like to bend their whiskers when drinking so make sure the bowls are large enough to accommodate them. Many cats will warm up to a cat fountain quickly these have filter and will encourage your cat to drink more.

A place to lay their head– cats sleep for an average of 16 hours a day. That is a lot of sleeping time. Providing many places for them to sleep makes for a happy cat. Many cats like to be up high on perches. Beds, trees, baskets, and pillows are great ways to make your cat feel safe and secure when resting. Your cat most likely will have a favorite spot they like to rest.

A stimulating environment– Cats love to have a variety of toys. They really are quite playful. You can find things like rings, springs, and stuffed mice to keep them entertained. You should have a playful time with your cat twice each day. Cat wands with different attachments can encourage your cat to play.

Grooming– Your can has some basic needs. They need their nails trimmed. They need their teeth brushed. They also need to have their fur brushed especially if they are a long-haired breed. You can get all the tools to do these tasks at home at any pet store or online.

A few additional things– A litter box for each cat in your home. Cat litter it is important to keep the box clean. A scratching post will encourage the cat to scratch that instead of the wrong place. Catnip will have a relaxing effect on your kitty. A good carrier is essential for checkups and trips.

Regular Veterinary Care is the most important care you can give your cat. Bring her in to your vet for checkups and make sure to come into our walk-in shot clinics to keep up on her annual vaccines.

We know that you want all the right things in place for cat. If you have any questions on things your cat might need, make sure to ask when you visit us. We can help provide you with suggestions and ideas to help your cat live their best life with you.