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Complications of a Neuter, What is a Crypt?

Most of the time when you bring your dog into your Albuquerque veterinarian clinic for a neuter it will be by the book. Your puppy will be in and out of surgery very quickly, and once they come out of the anesthesia life goes back to normal. Most neuters do not have complications during the procedure or during the healing afterwords. But sometimes there is an abnormality known as a crypt.

A crypt neuter, or a cryptorchid neuter, is when the testicle of a dog does not descend from the abdomen into the scrotum properly. It typically only happens to one testicle but it can happen to both. Often this can be detected before the dog goes into surgery, but not always. This is mostly a pain free condition unless complications have developed. It is considered a safeguard to remove the undescended testicle and the removal can be done during the standard neuter.

The reason you want to remove a crypt testicle is because it greatly reduces your dogs risk of cancer, cord torsion, and any other complications from the testicle being in the abdomen. Even if you leave the undescended testicle, or your vet descends the testicle into the scrotum, it is highly unlikely that the testicle is fertile. If your dog only has one undescended testicle, though the one may be un-fertile, the other testicle can still be fertile.

This is typically a genetic condition. Purebred dogs are more likely to have a cryptorchid neuter than mixed breeds. Toy size breeds such as miniature poodles, chihuahuas, yorkies, etc are more likely to have a crypt neuter.

Most dogs that have a crypt neuter will be completely fine. The unfortunate part is that it costs a bit more. This is because the surgery is more complicated. If your vet detects a crypt before the surgery you will be advised of the condition and the increase costs. If it is discovered during the surgery, your vet will likely remove the undescended testicle and your vet bill will be higher. Because of the potential for a surprise, as unlikely as that is, it is a good idea to ask your vet to check for a crypt and if it is unclear ask what the cost will be if they discover a crypt.

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