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Do You Buy Your Pet a Valentines Day Gift?

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Do you celebrate Valentines day? Do you go all out and buy flowers, chocolate, go out (or stay in) for a romantic dinner? What about celebrating with your pet? Do you buy your pet a Valentines gift? For some pet owners this may sound kind of silly, but for others the answer is “of course!” According to Market Watch, people spent $1.7 billion on valentines for their pets in 2020! WOW that is a lot of love! The average pet owner spends $12.21 on their pets on this holiday.

The National Retail Foundation says that 1 in 4 pet owners will buy their pet a Valentines day gift. 2020 represented a 17% increase. With an increase in spending like that I am going to predict that we start seeing a lot more pet safe Valentines gifts. This is a very good thing,

A lot of people like to pick something up for their pet but that doesn’t mean that it is pet safe. There are a lot of Valentine themed gifts that are not ok for your pet. I am sure you can guess the big no-no….chocolate! DO NOT give your pet chocolate, even if it comes in a dog shaped box.

Some good Valentines gifts for your pets

  • Stuffed toys
  • Collar with hearts
  • Valentine themed pet treats
  • Valentine themed pet bowls
  • Heart shaped pet bed

We did a search for pet Valentine gifts and found some amazingly cute gifts. If you were not interested in giving your pet a Valentines gift you might change your mind when you see some of these cute items.

Pet Safety

With all holidays you need to make sure to take some safety precautions so your pets stay safe.

  • Keep chocolates out of reach
  • Remove thorns from roses
  • Do not give lilys as they are poisonous to cats
  • Do not leave candy wrappers around for your pets to chew on or play with
  • Do not share food

If you think your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have, contact your vet immediately.