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Does my dog have fleas?

dog skin problemsIt is summer in Albuquerque and your dog wants to be outside playing in the sand and grass and fleas. The best way to prevent fleas is with a monthly flea treatment. At Vetco we recommend Frontline Flea and Tick. It can be used to both treat and prevent fleas. Before you infest your house with fleas, make sure you know the signs to look for.

Signs of Fleas in Dogs

  • Dirt in the dog’s coat. This “dirt” is actually flea droppings
  • Flea eggs on the dog
  • Allergic dermatitis which includes raw spots on the skin with itching, scratching, rubbing and licking
  • Excessive scratching, licking and biting at their skin
  • Hair loss
  • Hot spots
  • Pale Gums


Dogs who live outside are the most prone to fleas. If you are concerned your backyard may be infested it could be a good idea to bring in a pest control company like Truly Nolen to treat your yard.


How Do I Treat Fleas?

If your dog has fleas you need to treat them with Frontline Flea and Tick treatment. It is an easy once a month application that will get rid of the fleas. You will also want to thoroughly clean your house and the dog’s environment to make sure that you don’t have fleas living in your furniture or the dog bed. The only thing worse than getting fleas is getting reinfested.

If you have questions about flea treatment, please contact your Albuquerque veterinary clinic. You can also come by Vetco any time to pick up your Frontline Flea and Tick treatment.