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Does Your Cat Have Separation Anxiety?

bengal vet albuquerqueBelieve it or not, your cat can suffer from separation anxiety just like a dog. Cats are dependent on their people in the same way. Drastic changes to schedules can lead to your cat having anxiety.

Do you know how to identify if your kitty is suffering from separation anxiety? We have a couple of tips for you.

  • Obsessive grooming
  • Excessive vocalizing
  • Behavior that is destructive
  • Lack of energy
  • Loss of appetite

These can be signs of other cat issues as well which makes it easy for owners to overlook. So, what do you do if you think your cat has separation anxiety? Cats are natural hunters and that is a very stimulating activity for them. You can create games that get them climbing hunting and hiding. Hide their treats on top of cat trees or under the coffee table. This is engaging for them. Make sure that your cat gets plenty of playtimes when you are home. You can purchase cat springs or wands that have feathers attached.

Did you know your cat is intuitive? They are aware of when you leave the house and when you return.  If possible, try to change up the routine so that they do not have anxiety when those normal leaving times come around. Mixing up the routine can help. Do not make a big deal out of leaving when you go. Sometimes that is more stressful for the cat than you just leaving. We all want to pet our cat, tell them to be good and that we will be back soon, but it can do more harm than good sometimes.

You can get your cat acclimated to having you gone. If you have always been home and now will be gone part of the day, there are things you can do to prepare them. Maybe you head outside for a while. That way you are not in the house with them, and the cat can get used to periods of separation. Your kitty can adjust successfully to being separated from you. You can always place one drop of lavender oil on their collar. This has a calming effect.

If you see the sign of separation anxiety and you have ruled it out then it is time to bring your cat to an Albuquerque vet to see if there is an underlying health issue.