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easter pet safety

Dogs and Easter

easter pet safetyHooray Easter is almost here. Everyone enjoys Easter festivities including your dog. Many people come over to visit and your dog gets a lot more attention. To make sure you have a safe and fun Easter let’s review some common hazards that come along with the holiday for your dog.


Chocolate is toxic to dogs. Most people know this, but it is always a good reminder. Chocolate contains bromine. Make sure to keep all chocolate away from your dog. They will eat it if given the opportunity and it can not only make them very sick but can be toxic. You may be surprised at how little it can take to make your dog seriously ill. Complications include vomiting, seizures, and even death.


Candy can be a danger for your dog because a lot of candy is made with xylitol these days. This is toxic to your dog so making sure that your dog can not access any Easter basket goodies is a good idea. Thankfully xylitol won’t kill your dog but vomiting, seizures, lethargy, and diarrhea are definitely common responses. Better safe than sorry!

Easter dinner foods

Common items such as ham, potatoes, deviled eggs, and green beans can be bad for your dog. Many common prepared foods contain items such as garlic and onions which are also bad for your dog. The best rule is to have no table food fed to your dog. If you want to share food with your dog, give them some raw carrots or broccoli. Trust us, they will love it!

Make sure to keep an eye on your dog during meals. Dogs naturally love to hang out where the food is. They are quick to snap up random drops of food items. Another problem is guests, you can scold your kids about feeding the dog from the table but it can be a bit awkward to scold your guests. It is inside proper etiquette to let your table know that your dog begs for food and ask people not to feed them If you are unsure, let them know that he will barf all over the house. If the result is gross, people are less likely to sneak Fido a snack.

Watch your glass. Alcohol is toxic to dogs. Make sure to keep glasses up high on tables and counters. If they are low like on end tables and coffee tables, it makes it easy for your dog to get to and possibly take a drink. Their bodies are much smaller, so they get drunk much faster but their bodies don’t process alcohol the same way ours does and it is much worse for them than for us. If you know how sick people can get on alcohol, just think that your dog is worse.

Easter Eggs

One last thing to be careful of is your plastic Easter eggs. If your dog grabs them and bites down that can be a problem. Not only is there candy and chocolate inside of them but there is a chance that your dog can swallow a piece of broken plastic. This could mean a trip to the emergency vet. Swallowing that piece of plastic can cause all kinds of problems for your dog and should be removed. Letting it pass is not a good idea.

We wish you and your family a Happy Easter and hope you and Fido have a safe one.