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Dogs Are More Likely To Go Missing Over the Labor Day Weekend

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Can you believe it is Labor Day already? Where did the summer go? Holiday weekends are great fun for friends, family, and even pets. We have BBQs, parties, playtime, and just some great downtime. This year with COVID some of the normal festivities may be cut down but that doesn’t mean they are gone altogether. During all the fun, it is easy for a pet to get separated from their family. Did you know animal control sees a big increase in lost animals in Albuquerque over holiday weekends? It is really upsetting if our pets get lost. The good thing is, if your pet has a microchip then they will easily be rehomed to you if they are picked up by Animal Control. If your pet gets separated from you, make sure to let your neighbors know. The app, Nextdoor Neighbor, is a great place to post information about your missing pet. Let us know and we can post it on our Vetco Facebook Page. If your pet does not have a microchip, drop by our walk-in shot clinics to get them chipped to keep them safe if they get separated from you. Make sure your dog has tags that have your contact information on them. You can take some additional precautions over the weekend.
  1. If you are at a park, do not let them just roam free. Keep them near you or on a leash.
  2. Make sure your fence doesn’t have holes in it. Every holiday seems to come with loud noises and this can be scary for your dog. When they get scared they are more likely to push through your fence.
  3. If you are having a gathering, give them a place to retreat from everyone where they do not have to be with all the people. Do not let kids, or anyone, bother them in that space.
If you get separated from your pet over the Labor Day weekend, you can check online to see if they have been picked up by animal control. To keep your pet safe, read some of our Labor Day pet safety tips. Have a safe and happy long weekend!