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Should dogs wear sweaters?

Dog SweaterIt’s a question of the ages! Should dogs wear sweaters? Though some scoff at the fashion, others think the fashion is as important as the function.  Can dog’s get cold? Of course, they can. Small dogs, or dogs with short hair, are not necessarily equipped for our colder temperatures. Older dogs can also have a harder time dealing with the cold, or dogs who have weaker immune systems. Certain diseases such as hypothyroidism or Cushings disease impair hair growth and make it harder for your pup to stay warm.

If you have a dog that has a thick coat, they do not need a sweater. They are likely too hot in the summer and are happy for the colder temperatures. So even if you think it looks cute, avoid the temptation.

Chihuahua’s, Greyhound’s, pinscherr breeds, terriers, pit bull mixes are often all breeds that may want sweaters.

If you are worried about them being cold, by all means, put on a sweater.

Picking a sweater

Get one that is cotton or acrylic and is washable. You will need to wash it often and don’t want it to shrink.

Measure your dog’s neck and chest and distance from their neck to their waist to find their size. Some sweaters have straps that you can adjust. You want the sweater to be snug but not tights. You don’t want it to be loose because it can trip them when they walk.  You also want the sweater to stop around their waist. You do not want it to cover their lower belly.

Avoid sweaters with strings or buttons as they are choking hazards.