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BARF diet for pets

Don’t Be Scared of Home Made Dog Food

BARF diet for petsHome made dog food can seem like a really scary task. I mean, look at the dog food you buy in the store. Anything you make home won’t look like that. It must be really complicated with lots of food processors and pressure cookers and strange dog food molds to make it look like niblets. Don’t worry, it is a lot easier than you think and it doesn’t need to look like what you buy at the store.

First you need to be aware of nutrition. If you are making your own dog food you want to make sure that they are getting the proper nutrition. Thankfully, all the Albuquerque Vetco dog food recipes that we share meet nutritional requirements. Also, it is a good idea to check with your Vetco vet to make sure that you are feeding them the proper food. Depending on their medical issues, they may need an individualized nutrition plan which the vets can help with.

Nutritional Breakdown

This is the general nutritional breakdown for an adult healthy dog.

  1. High protein diet – about 20% of the meal
  2. Fat – 5 to 8%
  3. Manganese – 1.2 mg in a 1000 calorie diet
  4. Lysine
  5. Phosphorous – 0.75 grams
  6. Calcium – 1 gram in a 100 calorie diet
  7. Iron – 7.5 mg
  8. Zinc – 15 mg
  9. Vitamins – A, D, B12 and E
  10. Thiamine
  11. Niacin – about 4 mg in a 1000 calorie diet
  12. Folic Acid – 68 micrograms (12)

So now that you have read that and likely are too intimidated to coo a meal, don’t worry about it that much. If you were to look at your own dietary needs broken down like this you would likely never cook for yourself again either.

Most dog food recipes simply contain fresh ingredients. Typically a meat, a grain and a vegetable. Just follow our recipes and you will have no troubles home cooking your dog food.