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Don’t Pee on the Carpet!

veterinarian pet urineDon’t Pee on the Carpet!

Your pet peeing on the carpet can be a big problem for your carpet and for their health. A pet peeing can indicate more than just a behavioral issue. It can be symptomatic of larger health issues, like Urinary Tract Infections, Kidney Failure, or something as simple as old age incontinence. First and foremost, if your pet is repeatedly  peeing or defecating on the floor, you need to bring them to your veterinarian for a checkup.

Once you know that their health is ok, you want to make sure your carpet, flooring and furniture is ok. Urine can do a lot more damage then just make a wet spot or a small stain.

  • Urine will penetrate the fibers of your carpet and can soak into padding or mat beneath your carpet. Once this happens, it is not possible to clean it all out with a simple spray and a rag.
  • Even when the stain is gone, the odor of urine can remain. This is because though the urine content is gone, the bacteria remains.
  • Dried urine smells even worse than fresh urine! When urine dries it becomes crystals, which are even stronger than the liquid. You can actually re-activate the crystals by adding moisture back to them.
  • Urine can cause permanent discoloration of carpet or fabric. Did you know that urine was actually used to set some dyes in fabric? It was also used to shrink fabric…think about how that is affecting your furniture!

The best course of action is to immediately treat a urine stain.  Soak up as much of the liquid as you can. Just blot and try not to rub anything in. Rubbing will just rub the urine into the fibers even more and force it downwards into the other layers like the carpet padding.

After you have absorbed as much liquid as you can, use a product like Natures Miracle to neutralize the bacteria and clean the stain.  If you have ongoing staining, or smell, you definitely want to contact a carpet cleaner. We recommend Bare Cleaning, they are very familiar with how to deep clean pet urine stains from carpets and upholstery. The only way to get a set pet urine stain out of your carpet is to do a deep cleaning.