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Easter Plants and your cat.

Easter is just around the corner and that means Easter and Spring flowers. We want you to have a safe and happy Easter with your kitty, so it is important to know about what spring flowers you bring into your house that is a danger to your cat. Let’s look at spring flowers right now.

Easter Lilies

Every part of the Easter Lily is toxic to your cat! It only takes a small amount of the plant to affect your cat. They will start to affect your cat within 24-72 hours. The kidney damage that it can cause is irreversible. Please do not bring Easter lilies into your home if you have a cat.


A beautiful first sign of spring is a daffodil. These amazing yellow flowers are toxic to your kitty. The yellow flowers contain a poisonous alkaloid that can make your cat vomit. Crystals that are found in the bulbs are severely toxic and can cause your cat to have serious heart and lung issues.


Daises are a sure sign of spring. Everyone enjoys daisies. Unfortunately, there are several parts of daises that are toxic to your cat so make sure they don’t come into your house in spring bouquets.


Hyacinths are a fun and cute flower of spring. Everyone likes the dainty flowers. Beware the highest toxicity in hyacinths are in the bulbs.


Now that you know of some spring/ Easter flowers that are a danger to your cat you can plan to not have them in your home.  When in doubt about a plant or a flower the best thing you can do is to look it up. This will help you to know if it is safe for your cat or not. Sometimes indoors the best way to go is silk flowers. They look great and last longer. Plus, they are safe for your cat! If you suspect your cat has been poisoned, call your vet right away.