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Easy DIY Dog Toys

DIY dog toys

This is the time of year for buying gifts and many of us don’t want to leave our dogs out of the gift receiving loop. But buying dog toys can get expensive. At Albuquerque Vetco we are always trying to save you money which is why we offer the lowest cost vaccines and spay’s and neuters in New Mexico. We thought we would share some of our staff pics for great easy to make DIY dog toys.

Old Shirt Rope

Tug of war is one of a dogs favorite games. Save your money on that expensive tug, and try using some of your old shirts. All you need to do is cut your old shirt into three strips. Tie the strips together at the top, then braid it all the way down, then tie it again at the bottom. If you want it thicker, make your strips wider. If your dog really loves to chew, try trying an extra knot in the middle of the braid. This is a great toy for your dog and a great thing to do with those old shirts.

Rope and Tennis Ball

This is a variation off of the Old Shirt Rope. Once you have your braid, use a knife to cut a hole in a tennis ball, then pull your braided rope through the ball and tie a knot on the other side. This makes the rope easy to throw, and lets face it, dogs just love balls.

Tennis Ball Food Puzzle

Food puzzles are a fun way to give your dog treats and gets them thinking, which is always a good thing. Making your own food puzzle is super easy. Take a tennis ball and cut it halfway. Pinch the ball to open up the mouth you just made by cutting and put your treats inside. Throw it for your dog and let her go to town trying to get the treats.