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Fat cat thin cat weight loss albuquerque

Exercise Your Fat Cat

Fat cat thin cat weight loss albuquerque

We love fat cats. Look at Garfield, he is a long-standing national cat hero! But fat cats are not healthy cats. Almost 50 million cats in the US are obese. An obese cat can lead to heart trouble, blood pressure issues, and diabetes.

A lot of people have a hard time helping their cat to lose weight. One idea is to reduce the amount of food you give them. You can also change their food to a healthier, lower fat or diet cat food. But, just like with people, the most effective way to lose weight is to exercise.

We all know that cats love to lay around the house and be wonderfully lazy, and sleep in the best possible sun spot, but that is not the path to a healthy cat.

A great way to help your cat stay healthy and trim is to play with them. I am sure you love to pet them and get some snuggle time in, but try adding about 30 minutes of real play time every day. Go out and pick up some fun cat toys, or just roll around some balls of tinfoil.

Cats love to jump in boxes or bags, even just setting one out can entire your curious feline pal. Once they are in the bag start tapping on the sides or dangle something over the top. This will drive them wild and they will likely start batting at whatever is making the noise or taunting them.

Get them a big cat post and encourage them to run up the cat post. Climbing is a great exercise for cats, and one that is mentally satisfying for them as well as it is a natural desire.

Giving your cat some catnip is a fun way to give them exercise. A lot of cats will run around and play after a good dose of catnip.

Get your cat use to doing some things, or if you have a child, let the kid chase the cat for a while, as long as the cat is being fun chased and not terrified and running for its life kind of chased.

A fit cat will live a longer and healthier life. If you are not sure about your cat’s weight, fitness, or overall health, your annual checkup is a good time to discuss this with your Albuquerque vet. Call to make an appointment today.