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Fall Dangers for Dogs

albuquerque fall petFall is so much fun! We are well into it now. The air smells of green chile and hot air balloons greet us in the morning. The change of seasons is a delight. Since we still have quite a bit of fall left let’s look at some things to keep Fido safe right now.

Fleas! Yuck! Believer it or not Fall is the peak season for fleas. Most people think they die out when the weather cools off but that is not true. For the fleas to die you must sustain temps in the 30’s for a bit of time before they die off. Here in New Mexico, it is unlikely that you will see a total die-off of fleas. Many owners tend to cut back on flea prevention this time of year but please do not.

Antifreeze. Antifreeze has a sweet smell that is attractive to dogs. It only takes a little bit of it to kill a small or medium sized dog. Some things you can do are to be aware when walking your dog. Be careful when crossing driveway areas. Make sure you dog is not drinking from run off areas that antifreeze may have washed into. If you think your dog has ingested any antifreeze, call an emergency vet immediately.

Wild mushrooms! Many species of fungi can be toxic, and many are not. How do you know which ones are? The best course of action is to keep your dog away from any wild growing fungus. It can sprout quickly in your yard overnight during this time of year, so it is a good idea to do a check of your space before letting the dog out in it each day.

Pollen. Just like you, Fido can suffer from seasonal allergies. Things like dust, mold, ragweed, and pollen can make your dog get itchy and watery eyes too. If you give your dog regular baths you can rinse away allergens to help them out. If your dog has severe allergies, it is best to talk to the vet.

Enjoy the rest of the Fall that we have left. Take long walks with Fido but remember safety first!