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Snakes in New Mexico

Family Dog Saves Little Girl From Rattlesnake!

Snakes in New MexicoWe all know how wonderful our family pets are. Every once in a while, a story comes out that really shows us how incredibly brave they can be.  A few days ago a 2-year-old German Shepherd named Hause protected a 7-year-old girl from being bitten by a rattlesnake.  She was playing in the backyard when Haus started jumping around and barking. Then he started crying and limping. The family realized what happened. Haus was standing between the rattlesnake and Molly, the little girl.  The snake bit him 3 times, which is when he started crying and limping.  They took Haus to the vet where he immediately began antivenom treatment.

Haus is an amazing dog. He is brave and loyal and part of a wonderful family. His love for his little girl is very strong, which is why he protected her so fiercely.  So many of our pets love us like this. This is why we need to protect them back.  New Mexico is a rattlesnake area. Many of us have seen them on hikes, in our yards or out on the ditch. Rattlesnakes can be very aggressive and their venom can be life threatening.  It is important for you to give your dog the Rattlesnake vaccine.  It is an annual (or bi-annual depending on where you live and how exposed to Rattlesnakes you are).

The rattlesnakes vaccine helps your dog develop protective antibodies that fight rattlesnake venom. This way if they are bitten they have a better chance at fighting the venom. It also makes it less painful and a reduced risk of permanent injury after a bite.

Bring your dog into our Albuquerque veterinarian clinic today to get their rattlesnake vaccine. We have daily shot clinics, you can just walk in no appointment necessary. Read our FAQ about the rattlesnake vaccine.