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Feeding My Pet – Kibble, Canned, Or Cooked Food?

dog food new mexicoFeeding My Pet – Kibble, Canned, Or Cooked Food?

Food has a lot of meaning in US culture, especially here in New Mexico and other southwestern states. Food means family, community, effort, caring, and love. As a person who cares about their pet, you – of course – want your canine friends to participate in this communal activity by eating well and bonding with your pack during mealtime.

There are three main avenues by which people generally feed their pets. Though all of the following methods are wonderful, some many be better suited for your pets particular needs and personality. Each mode of feeding, however, allows you to bond with your pet in a meaningful way.

Kibble – Kibble is the most common form of pet food today, and it comes in a wider range of types, at a variety of price points. When selecting a kibble for your pet, make sure to read the ingredients carefully. Some ingredients, like corn, are common allergens. Unfortunately, corn is one of the most commonly used ingredients in dog food. Be on the look out for corn and soy content in kibble. If you see these items listed as ingredients, make sure to keep an eye on your pet for irritation and sustained allergic reactions.

Always inquire with your local New Mexico veterinarian about allergens in pet food. They know best what to look out for.

Canned Food – Like kibble, canned food comes in many varieties. Canned food can be fed alone or in conjunction with kibble (this is what’s done most commonly). Like with kibble, make sure to read ingredient labels for allergens, and keep an eye on your pet’s reactions.

Cooking For Your Pet – Cooking for your pet requires time and planning. It is also the only true way to actually know what’s in your pet’s food. If planned correctly, making your pet’s food yourself is comparable in cost to kibble. It is essential that you 1) make sure you are cooking a pet-safe recipe, one that includes all the essential vitamins and minerals your pet needs, and 2) that you watch your pet’s caloric intake. It is very easy to overfeed your pet with homemade food, as it generally is more calorically dense than store-bought foods.

Make sure you check with your local Albuquerque New Mexico vet and pet experts at or by calling (505) 292-3030 to make sure you are cooking the perfect recipe to meet your pet’s food needs.