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flat faced cat health

Flat Faced Cat Health Issues

flat faced cat healthFlat Faced Cat Health Issues

Flat faced cats, like Persians and Himalayans, are cute but can come with a host of problems due to their funny flat faces.


This means your cat has a short head. This often gives them the cute little round head appearance, but that shortness can cause problems in their airway.

Brachycephalic airway syndrome

This is a partial blockage of the airway in the upper respiratory system. Basically it means that it is very hard for your cat to breath. This is hallmarked by shortness of breath, snoring, snorting, difficulty breathing during exercise, open mouth breathing, vomiting, and difficulty eating. It can cause swelling in the mucous membrane which can cause further breathing difficulties. There are treatments that can help improve their breathing. Talk to your vet about treatment options.

Excessive tearing

This is the overflow of the tear duct due to over production of tears or from blockages. The tears are generally colorless, but can cause staining on the cats face over time.  The constant tearing can be an irritant to the skin around their eyes. The biggest concern with excessive tearing is that it could be caused by internal blockages due to bone structure. This can cause a build up of bacteria, leading to eye infections, chronic conjunctivas and blocked lacrimal (tear) passages. Warm compresses can help with any blockages. Frequent wiping of your cats face with a warm cloth can help ease the excessive tearing. If an eye infection is present, you will need to see your vet for treatment drops.

Small Nostrils

Small nostrils are another one of the potential breathing problems for flat faced cats. Sometimes their nostrils can be so small you can hear the cat breathing from across the room. The strain in breathing can cause a host of other problems, such as deformation of the soft palate and trachea. There is a surgery that can be done to enlarge the size of the nostril to make it easier for your cat to breath. This will usually fix the problem