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Flea and Tick All Year

dog-fleas_cartoonDid you know that nearly a quarter of a million dogs are treated for heartworm every year or that intestinal parasites can affect people as well as their pets? Fleas and ticks are a problem not just for your pet. They can be a problem for you too. Many people think that cold weather will kill them, but they can live in your house, in warmer areas outside that are protected from the elements. Parasites can lay eggs in the soil, so when the weather warms up in the spring your lawn can infest your pets.  Heartworms live inside mosquitos, so as soon as the mosquitos get active your pet is in danger again.

Because there is no season that you are truly safe from parasites, flea, and ticks, we recommend year-round treatment to keep your pets safe.

The good news is that Heartworm prevention is easy and often your pets love it. Heartgard comes in yummy treats to feed them. To your pet, it is a treat. But to you, it is a treat that might be saving their life!

Flea and Tick Frontline treatment is easy. It is a topical liquid you can give them once a month. You just break open a capsule and squeeze it on their neck. The liquid will work its way through your pet’s fur killing any existing fleas and ticks, and preventing future ones.

Some people worry that it is a hefty investment. Good thing is that Albuquerque Vetco is always offering great promotions to help you save even more money.  But keep in mind that parasites, fleas, and ticks can cause very serious health problems that can cost thousands of dollars in vet treatments or can be fatal.

Come into the Albuquerque Vetco veterinarian clinic on Menaul to get your Heartgard and Frontline Flea and Tick treatment.