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Fleas and Ticks on NM Style

Vetco was on NM Style talking about Fleas and Ticks. We brought a super great dog named Chewie on the show with us. We demonstrated how easy and fast it is to give your dog a flea and tick treatment, as well as why you want to make sure to treat your dog.

Did you know that there have been 3 cases of Plague in New Mexico by August 2013, and there are usually about 8 annually! Additionally in August was the first case of human plague.

The plague is transmitted by an infected flea biting your animal. That infection can be transmitted to humans. During the rainy season we are at a higher risk of fleas, ticks and mosquitos which contribute to the spread of heartworm. So it is super important to treat your pet.

Vetco Cares for Fleas and Ticks