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Hack Hack..Hairball! How to treat and prevent hairballs

cat hairball treatmentEvery cat gets hairballs. This is a common problem. Though not entirely avoidable there are things you can do to reduce the frequency of hacking hairball attacks your cat may have.

  1. Grooming: The best way to help your cat is to remove some of the excess hair. Getting a good grooming brush to remove the loose hair will help reduce the amount of hair your cat ingests.
  2. Hairball Remedy: A gel that you can feed your cat to help reduce their hairballs. It basically gives them some nutrition supplements to help their digestion move better.
  3. Hairball Food: If your cat has a chronic problem with hariballs, feeding them a hairball food might help. It is food high in fiber and natural oils to help prevent indigestion and to help them pass the hair rather than throw it up.
  4. Obsessive Grooming: Some cats will obsessively groom themselves. This is caused by boredom or anxiety. To relieve this, give your cat some toys and/or a scratching post. If they have something to do they will be less likely to boredom groom.
  5. Anxiety Grooming: If your cat is grooming due to anxiety, try giving them toys to help alleviate their anxiety. You can also give them a calming space of their own to retreat to. If the anxiety is persistant, you can give them a natural anti-anxiety remedy that may help take the edge off.

Hairballs are a part of having cats. But by taking these steps you can help reduce the number of hairballs your cat has.