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Halloween Costume Safety for your Pets.

Halloween Costume Safety for your pets.

halloween candy dogsWhen choosing a costume for your pet, there are a few things to consider.

Elastics: We all want a costume that is cute and fits our pet’s personality.  Hats and masks are fun, but they sometime will attach with elastic. That can be irritating to your pet. These items are best used for a limited amount of time. Take some fun photos of your cat or dog with them on and then remove them. They can pose a danger to your pet if left on for a long period of time. Removing it quickly will after you get your Insta pic will make for a much happier pet.

When choosing a costume, you may want to consider your pet’s movement. You will want something that moves freely with your pet. Anything that will restrict their movement is not a good idea. Does the costume have easy access to smaller parts? This may be something that you decide not to use. What about choking hazards? Small pieces that are easily accessible can be too easy to chew off. Once they are off the costume, they can become a choking hazard for your pet. If your pet swallows the part, it can lead to surgery to have it removed. It is very important to look at these things when choosing. Cute should not trump safety.

While your pet is dressed make sure to watch them for signs of discomfort. If your pet is acting strangely or doing strange things, it is probably time to ditch the outfit. If your pet is uncomfortable, they make walk oddly, put their ears down and tuck their tail in. These are clues to us humans that they are probably done and would like to be let out of the outfit. This can be funny, but it is not great for your pet and their mental well-being. Plus, discomfort can sometimes be more than a small issue.

Always consider safety when dressing up your pet for any occasion. We hope you and your pet have a safe and happy Halloween celebration.