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Halloween Pet Safety

Pet HalloweenHalloween is a great time for families and fun. But good fun comes with good safety. If you want to make sure that all your family members have a good time, lets make sure that some pet safety is observed for the Halloween.

In a previous post we discussed costume safety to make sure that your pet was not only safe in their costume but having a good time.

Other tips for Halloween Pet Safety are:

  1. Keep your pet away from Halloween candy and food. Most candy is not safe for your pet. There are dangers such as chocolate, which can cause theobromine poisoning, and other candies that contain xylitol which is also toxic to pets, and even more natural candies can be a choking hazard or just cause a basic upset stomach. If you want to give your pet a treat it is better to make them their own treat that is both good for them and yummy. Check out some of our great dog treat recipes for yummy home made dog treats.
  2. Trick or treating can be a stressful event for your pet. The door bell ringing all night, all the kids coming to the door being loud and dressed in different costumes, can all be exciting and also anxiety provoking. Give your pet a safe space to retreat to that is away from all the noise and excitement.
  3. Lots of love and attention is one of the best ways to help combat anxiety. If you pet seems anxious, try to spend some time together and give them some special attention. Just petting them and spending time with them can be enough to help quell anxiery.
  4. Keep your pet away from the Jack-o-lantern. We already spoke about the safe way to share pumpkin with your dog. But another danger with the jack-o-lantern is the candle. Do not let your dog or cat sniff your jack-o-lantern. The candle can burn their hair, nose, or whiskers. Do not let them eat the candle, as the candle itself can cause an intestinal blockage.

Halloween is such a fun time. Make sure to have a safe and fun Halloween.