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Happy Spring! Now Get to the Dog Park!

Los Lunas Dog ParkDog parks are a great way to celebrate the first day of spring and to enjoy our beautiful weather. Luckily Albuquerque is a very pet friendly city and has lots of dog parks located all over the city! At Vet-Co we try to get out in the gorgeous weather every chance we get!






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Make sure that you are a good dog when you visit the park and follow the dog park rules:

Dog Park Rules*

  • Park users and dog owners assume all risk related to dog park use.
  • Parks Hours – 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. unless otherwise stated.
  • Dog handlers must have a leash in their possession at all times.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash until inside the double-gated entry. Enter the first gate with the leash on and remove it prior to entering the second gate. Do the reverse when leaving.
  • Dogs must be under voice control and in sight of handlers at all times.
  • Any dog exhibiting aggressive behavior must be leashed and removed immediately.
  • Owners must clean up and properly dispose of waste left by their dog(s).
  • Puppies using the park must be older than six months.
  • Limit of three dogs per person per visit.
  • Owners must cover any holes their dogs dig.
  • Un-neutered male dogs and female dogs in heat shall not be permitted in the off-leash dog exercise area.
  • Children younger than 12 are not allowed inside the off-leash dog exercise area unless accompanied by an adult. Parents must refrain from bringing toddlers and small children to the dog park and at no time be allowed to run with, or chase after dogs in the park.
  • No food or drinks allowed within the fenced area.
  • Each owner or handler is legally and financially responsible for the actions of their dog in the off-leash exercise area.

*Rules courtesy of the City of Albuquerque

If your dog has not been neutered and you want to go to the parks then bring them in to Vet-Co in Albuquerque or Los Lunas and we will get your pup taken care of. Make sure you check our promotion page for the current coupons on surgeries and spay’s and neuters.