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Have You Got A New Kitten? It’ll Need Housetraining!

House training cats

Getting a new kitten is a really exciting time. They are very entertaining and they will keep you amused for hours on end with their cavorting and playfulness. However, there is a downside to keeping kittens, and that is that for as long as they are too young to go out by themselves, you will need to teach them how to relieve themselves in the house. Now obviously you don’t want any more accidents than you have to have (and you also need to know that cat feces is especially damaging to pregnant women and young children because of the increased risk of toxoplasmosis) so in this article we are going to tell you all you need to know in order for your kittens to relieve themselves in the right place.

What You Need

house training kittens

First, you are going to need a few pieces of equipment. Get a litter tray (a big one if you have more than one kitten) and a big bag of cat litter. You may also like to use a liner – they make emptying the litter tray far easier. Get some rubber gloves and a bleach spray that are saved purely for managing the kitten’s litter, and also get a mat to put the litter tray down on in order to protect your floor. You’ll also need to get a scoop and some little plastic bags.

How to Do It

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Kittens are very proud creatures and they like to relieve themselves somewhere that they can bury it afterwards. For this reason, you won’t have to encourage them much to use the litter tray. They should instinctively know what to do the minute you put them in the tray. Don’t stand and watch them as they will feel self-conscious. Instead, busy yourself somewhere nearby by and go back and check after a few minutes. Make sure the tray is in a room that they can access all the time, but also that it is not in a place where they will feel in the way of people.

How to Clean the Tray

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Obviously it would be very labor-intensive, time consuming and expensive to change the litter every time the kitten uses it. In fact, it is helpful if a little scent is there for the kitten during the first few weeks as he or she will be able to smell that it is their territory. Instead, once or twice a day use the scoop to take out anything that needs to come out and pop it into a plastic bag and tie the handle securely, putting it in an outside bin. Then once or twice a week you’ll need to completely empty the tray and fill it up with new litter. Always use gloves when you are scooping or emptying the tray as you shouldn’t come into direct contact with the germs if at all possible.

Housetraining a cat takes a while and you should be prepared for some accidents along the way, but once they are old enough to go out on their own you can give the litter tray up for good!

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Jack Brown, the author of this article, is an intern at, Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, leading providers of vet consultancy and medical facilities. He wishes to pursue a career in the medical field and is especially fond of animals and often goes out of his way to treat injured strays.