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Heartworm …Heartwon’t

Vet-Co heartworm Its spring time and your dog or cat is more susceptible to heartworms! Why? Because as April showers are bringing May flowers, there is more standing water.  Whether it is because of rain, sprinklers, watering the garden or filling the water features in your yard, standing water means mosquitos and mosquitos are carriers of heartworm.

Did you know that your pet may have heartworm and not show any symptoms? They can be a carrier and you will never know until they are very sick. This is, even more, reason to make sure your pet gets regular heartworm tests.

In getting ready for spring make sure to add Fido and FiFi to the Honey-Do list and bring them into Vet-Co Menaul or Vet-Co Los Lunas for their heartworm test. In fact, we think it is so important that we are offering a great discount!

Print out this coupon and bring it to to get $7 off heartworm tests. We can also help you get Heartgard Heartworm preventative treatment.