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Heartworms Don’t Have a Heart for Your Dog

Heartworm preventionEveryone is always telling you how important it is to get your dog tested for heartworm. But how likely is it that your dog is going to get heartworm? Is he actually getting exposed?


Albuquerque has been getting some intense storms. This is leaving a lot of standing water. This isn’t just water on the ground. In fact, water on the ground will likely get absorbed. Empty planters, in old shoes left outside, in depressions in your concrete, old tires, hose containers, bags left outside can all hold water that can take a long time to evaporate. That water becomes a breeding ground for buggies, but especially mosquitos.

Mosquitos are carriers of heartworm.  Basically, they bite a dog with heartworm. Then they bite your dog. Then your dog has heartworm. Because infection is so easy, it is extremely important to test your dog and then get them on preventative medication.

Studies show that vet clinics in Bernalillo County see an average of 6-12 cases of heartworm annually.

If your dog is infected and you do not treat him, your dog will die. Heartworm is fatal.

Treatment for Heartworm costs about $1000.

Prevention costs as little as $32!

The investment to keep your dog protected from heartworm is very little. However, the cost of not protecting them is huge.

Bring your dog into VetCo on Menaul, or Los Lunas VetCo, to get them tested and on a prevention plan today!