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Heat Safety For Pets

Keep your dog cool during the summer

The summer heat offers plenty of fun for both humans and pets, but pets have a hard time staying cool sometimes. Humans can easily sit in air conditioned homes and take off all their clothing. Pets have thick fur that keeps them overheated unless their owners take steps to help them out. Consider the following tips to help your pets beat the heat and have fun in the sun in a safe way this summer.

Don’t Leave Them In The Car Unattended

One of the main situations to avoid is letting your dog or cat in a hot car during the summer. This is a dangerous situation that has sadly claimed the lives of many pets through the years. It’s best to leave your pets at home, but if you have to take them to the store, you’ll need to leave the car running with the air conditioning on to keep them comfortable. Dogs and cats can become frightened while they’re in a car with other people walking by, which will also make them run around the car, hiss, or bark. They make themselves even warmer by not being still.

Provide Plenty Of Water

Another great idea to help the pets cool off is to have a constantly supply of cold, fresh water for them to drink. You could find a dripping device that cycles the water and keeps the cold water in the bowl. Animals get dehydrated so quickly because they often don’t drink until they are extremely thirsty. If their water gets warm, they may not drink it at all. If the dogs and cats have cold water to drink, they are less likely to get heat sickness.

Help Cool Them Off

You don’t have to use soap and shampoo to give your pets a cool bath in the summer. You could just hose your dog down if they’ve been outside when the sun is beating down on them. Dogs will appreciate the water straight from the hose on their hot coats. Dark-haired dogs are especially vulnerable to overheating because the sun’s rays bake the dark fur and the skin under it. Cats may not appreciate a full bath, but you could always pour some cold water on the back of their neck so that they can cool off in the summer. Outdoor cats that roam all day can easily get overheated.

Small swimming pools can be especially useful for dogs. The dog can use the pool to get cooled off whenever they like, and they may even drink some of the water if it’s cold enough. Beating the heat is important, but it also must be done in a way that keeps safety as the number one priority.

Summer is the most enjoyable time of the year for most people. It’s a time when people and animals get more active outdoors. Keep your pets safe and cool this summer by taking extra steps to help them when they need it. A coat of fur can get hotter than you think!

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