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dogs hot in cars

How Cars Kill Dogs…in the Heat

As we all know, Albuquerque summers get HOT. But often we don’t think about hot hot our cars get until we are getting in them after they have been sitting in the sun. You open your door and that heat wave hits you in the face. The seat burns your legs when you try to sit down. Getting in the car becomes a race to turn on the air conditioning.  Just like we don’t think about the heat for us getting in the car, we often don’t think about it for our dogs either. put together this great infographic on how hot the inside of your car gets compared to the outside temperature.

dogs hot in cars

What is even more astonishing than the vast difference between inside and outside temperatures is how quickly it gets that hot. Within a few minutes, during our Summer heat, your car will be above 100 degrees F.

A lot of people think that cracking a window will make a difference and keep their pets cool enough. It does not. Studies have shown that cracking a window has very little effect on lowering the inside temperature of the car.

Though New Mexico doesn’t have any laws that prohibit you from leaving your dog in a car, it is a VERY BAD IDEA!  Depending on the temperatures, a dog can suffer from brain damage or even die from heatstroke within 15 minutes.

If you can’t take your dog out of the car with you EVERY time you get out, then better leave them at home.

If you think your dog is having heatstroke, get them out of the heat immediately and call your vet.