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How To Keep Your Pet Clean Between Grooming

How To Keep Your Pet Clean Between Grooming

There are lots of ways to keep your canine companions and your feline friends looking their best. You can take your dog or cat to a professional groomer. You can also try to do it yourself at a New Mexico area self-service pet grooming spot. And if you are really adventurous, you can try at home grooming in your own doggie salon (read: your bathtub).new mexico pet grooming

Each of these options has their own benefits, but sometimes your pet just needs a little sprucing up between scrub downs. Here are three tips to help keep your pet fresh and clean between doggie spa days.

 1. Daily Brushings

It might sound obvious, but brushing your pet daily is a great way to keep them clean. Brushing daily helps remove loose hair, which helps keep your home clean too. Daily brushing for dogs and cats can also improve your pets overall health – their skin will become healthier and you may also be alerted to potential health problems sooner. The simple act of brushing your dog or cat may help you find an injury or illness just below the surface. Daily micro-grooming is also a perfect daily opportunity to bond with your pet. They will certainly appreciate the love that goes into every stroke.

2. Pet Wipes

There are single sheet dispensed and disposable cleaning wipes available for just about every type of purpose – including grooming wipes for dogs and cats. These sorts of wipes come in familiar canisters that reseal and keep the product fresh. You can use these wipes to clean your pet’s ears, collar area, or even muddy tummy. These types of wipes are also especially useful when your dog is feeling a little overheated. One key thing to remember is to test for pet allergy sensitivity. Just like you would test any product for skin sensitivity in humans, make sure your pet is not sensitive to the product before prolonged use. One thing to look out for is natural ingredients in pet products – things like tea tree and aloe are very gentle, kills germs, and may provide your pet cooling tactile relief on a hot day.

3. Spa Paw-dicure

It seems like the dirtiest place on most pets is their paws. Try an occasional pet “pedicure” to help muddy paws between grooming. For this, you will need a scrubbing surface and a drying station – a coarse doormat that you can get wet and an accessible towel. Simply spray of your pet’s paws on door mat (the surface can help remove some of the dirt) and towel off to remove the rest. You pet’s clean nails will be the talk of the block!

There are also a lot of illnesses that can spread from an unkempt pet to its owner. Be sure to keep your pet clean, and your pet will be better able to do its job keeping your family happy.