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How to Re-Home Your Pet

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A healthy pet is a happy pet!

Rehoming your pet is never easy. There can be so many reasons why you may need to rehome your pet, illness, injury, moving, or simply finding that your pet is too much for you to handle. If you find yourself in a position where you can no longer keep your pet, don’t just abandon them. Here are some tips on how to help find a good home for your dog. 

  1. Make them a Resume

    Put together a resume for your pet. Put their photo, name, age, plus some interesting information about them. This is what you are going to use to attract people to your dog. Think of it like a dating profile. Your pet likes long walks on the irrigation ditch. On friday nights he loves to snuggle on the couch and watch movies.  Make sure to include relevant information such as, does he like kids, does he play well with others? Include any medical history, and their favorite food. Once you have this prepared you can make flyers, and use it as a template for posting on social media. 

2. Avoid Classified Ads

It seems counter intuitive but it is a good idea to avoid classified ads like craigslist. Many animals have wound up in neglectful situations, abuse, in dog fighting rings, or with backyard breeders when rehomed through a craigslist ad. Going through social media and friendly connections is usually a better option. You could try a professionally managed pet matching community like Rehome, which is managed by Adopt-a-Pet and they can help you find a match for a new family for your pet.  Get Your Pet is another rehoming service to help find a safe new home. 

3. Make Flyers

It is old fashioned but making flyers is a good way to get the word out. You can post them in your neighborhood, but also give them to your friends and family. A lot of times friends and family want to help you rehome your pet, but they don’t think to ask every person they speak with. If you give them a stack of flyers they can leave them at their work, at day care, or in any other place that they might think would be good exposure. 

4. Post on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat are some of your greatest tools for rehoming your pet. Post every couple of days until your pet has been rehomed. Find local pet groups or pet events and post in those. When you post, make sure to ask people to share your post so you get the maximum amount of exposure. We suggest making an image with information about your pet and your contact information to make it easier for people to share. 

5. Surrender Your Pet to a Shelter

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we cannot find a good home for our pets. If you need to, you can always surrender your pet to animal humane, or animal rescue societies. Make sure that it is a “no-kill” facility and talk to the facility about how they help rehome your pet. Depending on the breed of your pet, there may be a specific dog or cat rescue group that can help you or will take your pet. 


Having to rehome your pet is an emotional thing. What makes it harder is that it can take a while. Don’t get frustrated. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to find a new home for your pet, when possible. You can always call Vetco and ask us if we know of anyone that would want your pet or have any more tips.